Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa is June 2019 Featured Member

Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa is the Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce’s Featured Member for June 2019.

Located in the heart of the White Mountains, Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa is one of America’s truly grand hotels. Combining first-class comfort and casual elegance with attentive, personalized service, the resort presents a dazzling array of offerings and amenities all wrapped in a timeless storybook setting.

Along with stunning views and delicious dining options, the Mountain View Grand offers numerous services and memberships to local community members. The state-of-the-art fitness center offers a full range of cardiovascular equipment, weight-training machines, and free weights. Open seasonally, the 9-hole golf course also offers memberships as well as Two-For-One Mondays, Thursday League Nights, and Twilight Golf specials.

Mountain View Grand also has elegant and historical meeting and event rooms easily transformed to host a magical gala, high-profile board meeting, successful conference, corporate retreat, wedding, or intimate gathering.

“We offer competitive conference and catering rates for local businesses who are looking to host events with us,” said Nick Diego, Director of Marketing. “We are also looking to create more membership opportunities. Our Tower Spa was recently renovated, and we’ve launched a brand-new spa membership program. We are even looking to host several open houses in the coming months.”

Located on the top floor of the resort, the Tower Spa & Boutique features ten spacious treatment rooms for relaxing privacy. Their treatment menu provides a cohesive list of spa services, including body, facial, and massage treatments, as well as manicures and pedicures.

Spa memberships are available and include a 25% discount on midweek services and a 10% discount on products. As a member, you will receive invitations to special Tower Spa events and can enjoy a day pass to the fitness center and indoor pool with purchase of any same day service.

“The hotel is a destination unto itself. A lot of the guests we’re getting are here for the White Mountains or the hotel and want to explore the surrounding area,” said Nick. “Littleton is a great place for our front desk to recommend!”

“Donating back into the community has always been a Mountain View Grand tradition, as we look to help through donations and volunteer work,” said Evan Tassis, Marketing & Media Coordinator. “We partner with local organizations and recently sponsored a team at the 30th Golf Scramble to help raise money for the Weeks Medical Center’s Auxiliary.”

Evan went on to explain, “Education and mentorship are also essential components of our Resort. We work with White Mountain Museum as well as Plymouth State University to promote college business classes and capstone projects on Grand Hotels. The Resort is continuously encouraging the future hospitality leaders as we partner with White Mountain Regional High School’s Mountain View Academy to help guide them in the hospitality and business industry.”

The Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa is located at 101 Mountain View Road, Whitefield NH. For more information visit their website at

Fairbanks Museum is May 2019 Featured Member

The Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to showcase the Fairbanks Museum as its Featured Member for May 2019.

Located in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, the Fairbanks Museum was founded in 1889 by industrialist Franklin Fairbanks. Inside the classic Victorian building, patrons will find a dazzling array of animals, artifacts, tools, fossils, and much more! The museum also holds Vermont’s only public planetarium. Seasonally, the native butterfly house and observation beehives are not to be missed.

“The museum’s function in this community is really to draw people in and to show them a little of the history, to help explain the natural world, to offer some programs, and to be welcoming,” said Anna Rubin, the museum’s Director of External Relations. “We get a lot of people who find us when they come up to ski. Maybe the weather isn’t great, so they visit us. One of the comments we get over and over again is that they had such a good time that they’re going to extend their stay.”

The Fairbanks Museum is truly a unique place. Tour distant lands through their cultural collections and the cosmos in the planetarium. Moose, bison, and bears inhabit the main gallery next to wonder-creating science exhibits.

The Soucy Family Exploration Station is the focal point of the museum’s public efforts to develop new and exciting ways of learning about science, technology and the natural world. With hands-on activities such as the Heat Camera, Colored Shadows, Electric Propulsion, and a building station the museum is more popular than ever. 

“I appreciate being a member of the Littleton Chamber even though we’re based in Vermont. When I think about our community, it’s beyond St. Johnsbury,” Anna said. “We love to be a resource for people who live here. So, in addition to welcoming tourists, we see lots of kids coming in with school groups and with family visits. That’s very satisfying for all of us here. It’s great to know that the local community supports us.”

The Fairbanks Museum is open daily from 9 AM to 5 PM at 1302 Main Street, in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. For more information, including hours, visit their website at

Interiors Green is April 2019 Featured Member

For the month of April, the Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to showcase Interiors Green as its Featured Member. We met with owner Jessica Goldblatt, to learn more about what the shop has to offer.

Located at the Pollyanna gateway on Main Street, Interiors Greens is celebrating one year in Littleton. Jessica first opened Interiors Green in Bethlehem in 2008 as a resource for people interested in “green” living and building, as well as eco-friendly products. Customers can expect to find natural home and living products such as paints, plaster, as well as gifts which are American made or fair trade.

The highlight of Interiors Green products is their organic mattresses and bedding. Unlike memory foam and other foam mattresses that contain man-made chemicals and petrol-based foams, these mattresses are made of natural latex. It is chemical-free and continually adjusts to your body’s curves, providing a silent and undisturbed sleep

“I got into this line of work because I was remodeling my own home and looking for these materials,” Jessica explained. “Pretty much people would look at me like I had two heads. So, I realized there must be a need for this sort of thing.”

While there are eco-friendly shops online, there aren’t many stores like Interiors Green. Jessica is continuously evaluating and sourcing products that have a minimal impact on personal health and the environment. “I feel like I’m always learning too,” she said. “If there’s something specific a customer is looking for, I’m always willing to either start carrying it or do research.”

With Littleton continuing to grow and expand, Jessica is excited for what the future holds for the town and her shop. “There’s so much happening on the backside of main street now,” she said. “In a way [Pollyanna gateway] is a little European-feeling walkway. I’ve personally put some gardens here and we do garden boxes. There’s a way to make these alleys very exciting.”

Jessica is actively involved in her community and would like to work more with her fellow business owners. “There are so many women owned businesses and my friend and I were wondering if we should do a business after hours of our own just for the women business owners,” she said. “There are a lot. It’s really interesting.”

Interiors Green is located at 87 Main Street, Suite 2 in Littleton. Take a left at the bottom of the Pollyanna Gateway and you’ll find it! For more information, including hours, visit their website at

Littleton Opera House is March 2019 Featured Member

The Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to showcase the Littleton Opera House as its Featured Member of the month. Standing tall and proud, the Opera House is a familiar staple to area residents.

Though it sat idle for many years, you would never know it by the numerous events that have been hosted over the last few years. Large or small, the Opera House is suitable for almost anything. Along with plays and concerts, the Opera House hosts conferences, birthday parties, meetings, and even has several weddings on the horizon.

The Chamber sat down with Opera House Manager, Sue Pilotte, to talk about services they provide to the community.

“The last half of 2017, we were booked 138 days out of 206 available booking dates,” Sue says. “During one weekend in November, we had a very successful two-day NH Council for the Arts Conference, a concert in the Grand Hall, and meetings taking place in the Tower Room. All of this increased activity, from one weekend alone, brought over 140 people into the Opera House. This is just one example of the activities taking place at the Opera House. These events not only benefit the taxpayers, but also increases the number of visitors to our beautiful town.”

To assist with the increase in bookings and workload, Jennifer Poulton was recently hired as an administrative assistant to work with Sue on a part-time basis. Sue has worked diligently, along with the Opera House commissioners and the Town Manager, to increase the usage of the Opera House.

“We have a solid commitment to the success of the Opera House. Think of the Opera House when you are planning your next fundraiser, private party, concert, meeting, or conference. Any occasion-we can do it all!”

Beware, the increase in bookings also means that space fills up quickly! “We want to open the Opera House to everyone, but we are in demand now,” she explains. “Book early!”

If the date you’re interested in isn’t available, Sue is happy to work with you on alternative dates.

“I am especially grateful, and appreciative of the many positive comments from our community members relating to the operation, and future of the historic and proud Littleton Opera House,” she says. “Most of all, thank you to our community members, contributors, volunteer supporters, community service students, and Opera House fans, who like me, see a great future for the Littleton Opera House. We couldn’t do it without you!”

To learn more about what the Opera House has to offer, visit their website at or call Sue at 603.575.5324.

Franconia Notch Guest House is February 2019 Featured Member

The new owners of the Franconia Notch Guest House are this month’s Featured Member—a pair who have moved north and settled down to live the dream of running a North Country bed and breakfast.

Read more about Beth & Doc Fletcher and their journey to become the next owners of the Guest House. Click here for the full feature