Member Spotlight: Thayers Inn

In the early 1840’s Henry L. Thayer was a successful Littleton merchant in the early 1840s. He had always dreamed of building a modern hotel with character. Despite warnings of failure, the dream started taking shape in 1843 when he purchased the lot just east of his store. Although the exact year construction began is unknown, sources indicate January 14, 1850 as opening day for “Thayer’s White Mountain Hotel.” Thayer’s found success not long after when the railroad came to Littleton in 1852.

Additionally, stagecoaches were owned and operated by Thayer to transport guests between the hotel and the train depot as well as on tours of Franconia and Crawford Notches.

Henry L. “Dad” Thayer and his son Frank operated the hotel into the late 1800’s. In 1984, “Thayer’s White Mountain Hotel” became simply “Thayers Inn.”

With its Greek revival architecture and commanding position on Main Street Littleton, the hotel maintains a long history of hosting Presidents, leading politicians, celebrities and other notable dignitaries. Slanted doors and crooked floors add character to the building and is testament to its heritage and post and beam construction. Today the hotel comprises of 35 bedrooms and suites, Grill One Eleven restaurant – serving lunch and dinner, and space for private and corporate events.

Member Spotlight: Kerri Harrington, LAc

Kerri Harrington, LAc is an acupuncturist based in Littleton. We spoke with her about her business.

When did you start your business?
I’ve been nationally licensed since 2001 and have had my NH licensure for 8 years and my business for four. Previously I was licensed in Vermont. My business first opened on Cottage Street and I moved to 32 Main Street about a year ago, just above The Coffee Pot.

Originally I was pre-med in undergrad at Hamilton College, focused on neurobiology and totally geared towards becoming a doctor. Then I joined the Peace Corps and served on the Chinese border ofKazakhstan from 1994 to 96. While there I was introduced to a lot of different ways of healing because they treat things differently. They deal with a lot of chronic conditions at home and use natural healing methods.


When I came back and was thinking about med school, something switched and I began looking at other options. I decided to go to California to study acupuncture.

What services do you offer?
I’m an acupuncturist with a larger scope of practice. I offer acupressure, massages, cupping (deep tissue), and moxibustion (fire and herbs).

I see a lot of people as part of their circle of healing. They have their MD, they may see a therapist, and they see me. A lot of things come together to help the situation. It’s truly holistic medicine.

People come to me for pain the most, but I do work with mental health. Asthma, chronic conditions, insomnia.

I can accept insurance.

Which town do you live in?
Bethlehem. My husband teaches math at the White Mountain School and I’m the mom to a 12 and 14 year-old.

What do you love about the Littleton area?
Just about everything! I love the community. There’s so much to do, especially in the arts and the music. I’ve been an assistant at the Loading Dock since the beginning. I’m also the guitarist in Not Your Mother and play in a ukulele band called the Mother Pluckers. “Acupuncture by day rock star at night.”

Member Spotlight: State Farm – Lynne Warren

Lynne Warren is a State Farm agent based in Lincoln. We spoke with her about her business.

When did you open your State Farm Agency?

After continuously traveling for nine years for my job, I decided it was time to do something that would allow me to stay closer to home. I had always been an entrepreneur and wanted to do something where I was contributing and participating in the community.

I have friends who have been State Farm agents for years and they love it. And it hits all the marks for me – be in the community, participate in the community, and entrepreneurship. After a year of preparation, my State Farm agency opened September 1, 2017.

State Farm is one of the financially strongest companies (not just insurance companies) in the country. We were #33 on the Fortune 500  for 2017. When you are purchasing insurance – you are buying a promise. I would want to buy that promise from a strong company – so I can rest assured they will be there to deliver on that promise.

What type of insurance do you offer?
-Short/Long-term disability
-Hospital income
-Personal articles
-A variety of financial services. Visit to learn more.

State Farm has been the #1 auto insurer in the U.S. since the 1940’s, the #1 home insurer since the 1960’s, and is the #1 life insurer as well.

Which town do you live in?
Sugar Hill – We absolutely loved the culture, which was hugely different from the small town we came from in Florida.

What do you love about living in the Littleton area?
We love the cohesive community feel that the North Country in general has and Main Street communities like Littleton with a walkable downtown. The change of seasons rather than hot and hotter have also been wonderful.

Tell me about the signpost painting that you are pictured with.
I had a vision of the old hand-painted signpost painting for my office.

With the help of friends, Maxine and Brenda Aldrich, I was able to connect with New Hampshire artist Giselle Thompson. Giselle took my idea and ran with it – to create this beautiful piece you can see hanging in my office. I selected the places for the sign, and she added the local scenery and wildflowers.

Member Spotlight: Grid North Guide Service

Grid North Guide Service’s mission is to provide their guests the opportunity to experience the beauty of the New Hampshire Wilderness through various activities, such as fishing, canoeing, ice fishing, and more.

We spoke with owner Paul Starring to get the scoop on Grid North.


When did you open Grid North Guide Services?

I started Grid North Guide Service, LLC in 2016 after I became a Licensed New Hampshire Fishing Guide. Working as a teacher at the Woodland Community School in Bethlehem kept me busy during the 2016-2017 school year, but I used my free time preparing to guide during the 2017 spring, summer, and fall months. My first guest was from California and he was interested in catching eastern brook trout. I took him to a spot where the fish were rising and he caught his fill of rainbow & brook trout.


Why did you decide to open Grid North?

I have always loved the outdoors and for years I searched for jobs that would put me in an outdoor environment. The idea of becoming a guide was on my mind for years, but it wasn’t until 2015 that I started to pursue it. A NH business, called the NH Outdoor Learning Center, offered a three day course to prepare individuals for the NH guide test. The test included a written portion and an oral board test. Upon passing the written test I went before a board of two conservation officers and a local guide/retired conservation officer. The test comprised of showing comprehensive map & compass knowledge, first aid, fish identification, boating laws & safety, and a lost person scenario. As an outdoorsman I am continually trying to become better in the outdoors and learn new skills. The NH guide test not only gave me the chance to become a guide, but was a way to test myself as an outdoorsman. At the end of 2016, I decided to challenge myself even more and began to prepare for the Maine guide test, which is known to be one of the hardest guide tests in the country. In the spring of 2017 I became a Registered Maine Guide for Recreation & Fishing. I guess to sum it all up; I enjoy the challenge of the outdoors, the continued need to learn new skills, and the ability to pass my knowledge and passion on to others.


What do you love about being a guide?

I love the forests, mountains, fields, lakes, rivers and streams of NH. There is nothing better than standing in a beautiful river, casting a fly, and looking at the pristine beauty of the White Mountains. Being able to take a guest outdoors to experience what I love is great. I have guided individuals who are both experienced and beginners. Most guests are interested in fly fishing and hire me as a guide for my knowledge of the area and for a better chance to catch fish, which is never a guarantee. I enjoy watching a guest catch a fish and fight to bring it in, almost as much as I love catching fish. The excitement on their face gives me a great sense of satisfaction.


Activities Grid North can guide you on:

  • Fly fishing – multiple fish species in a boat or wade fishing
  • Spin Fishing – multiple fish species in a boat or wade fishing
  • Ice Fishing
  • Canoeing 14’ Old Town Canoe – paddle trips and fishing
  • Fishing from my 21’ Freighter Canoe with outboard engine.
  • Scenic boat rides in the freighter canoe
  • Wilderness Navigation classes
  • Coming soon – Multiple days remote fishing trips into Maine – Fly into remote lakes & ponds by seaplane or hike in.


Which town do you live in?

I moved to NH when I was four and Littleton has been my home for 30 years. I live in an old farm house (1839) with my wife and three daughters.


What do you love about living in the Littleton Area?

Growing up in Littleton I spent the majority of my time outside either behind my house or hiking through the woods with my friends. I have fond memories of grabbing a fishing pole with my best friend and heading down to a pond near his house to catch pickerel, when were only 9-10 years old. Now that I am older I still pursue my outdoor hobbies like fishing and hunting, but also enjoy the ability to grow vegetables, raise chickens & pigs, and harvest firewood of my land. Being on the outskirts of Littleton I have the ability to enjoy all the outdoor activities I love to pursue, but I can also quickly head into town to spend time with my family eating at a great restaurant or shopping on Littleton’s beautiful Main Street. Littleton is also a great place to raise a family and my daughters can experience everything this area has to offer. I am truly blessed to live in such a great place.