Board of Directors

Tricia Fryman
AVP/Regional Branch Manager, Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank

A resident of Lancaster, Tricia is responsible for providing management support to the Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank’s northern offices and also works closely with the retail team to support its many business and community development activities.  She is proud to live, work and volunteer in our vibrant community.

Nathan Karol
Sales Manager, Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa

A resident of Bethlehem, Nathan has worked with for profit and non-profit organizations in the North Country and in the Boston area prior to his move north. He is pleased to be even more involved in the success of our communities.

Kim McNamara


Darin Wipperman

Darin moved to the area in 2012 after nearly 17 years of federal government service.  For 4 ½ years, he wrote for Salmon Press, taking special interest in stories about regional businesses.  Darin now spends much of his time managing the forested parcel he owns with his wife in Lancaster.

Lori Evans Alderin
Owner, The Beal House

Lori and her husband, Adam, own The Beal House and live in Littleton. Lori wears many hats around The Beal House ranging from social media and marketing to hostess and innkeeper. She spent a large part of her professional career in the non-profit sector but has recently transitioned into real estate and working with her family business in addition to her roles with The Beal House.

Randall Armor


Peter Cooper


Carrie Gendreau
Owner, Emma & Co. Consignment Boutique

Carrie is the owner of Emma & Co. Consignment Boutique as well as the founder and trainer of The Training Connection, which assists individuals and guiding organizations in discovering and developing their ultimate potential. When not working, Carrie enjoys gardening, skydiving, photography, reading, hiking, fishing, traveling and skiing.

Joanne Melanson


Allison Micciche


Corey Pronto


Lyn Tober


Shannon Wheeler