For the month of April, the Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to showcase Interiors Green as its Featured Member. We met with owner Jessica Goldblatt, to learn more about what the shop has to offer.

Located at the Pollyanna gateway on Main Street, Interiors Greens is celebrating one year in Littleton. Jessica first opened Interiors Green in Bethlehem in 2008 as a resource for people interested in “green” living and building, as well as eco-friendly products. Customers can expect to find natural home and living products such as paints, plaster, as well as gifts which are American made or fair trade.

The highlight of Interiors Green products is their organic mattresses and bedding. Unlike memory foam and other foam mattresses that contain man-made chemicals and petrol-based foams, these mattresses are made of natural latex. It is chemical-free and continually adjusts to your body’s curves, providing a silent and undisturbed sleep

“I got into this line of work because I was remodeling my own home and looking for these materials,” Jessica explained. “Pretty much people would look at me like I had two heads. So, I realized there must be a need for this sort of thing.”

While there are eco-friendly shops online, there aren’t many stores like Interiors Green. Jessica is continuously evaluating and sourcing products that have a minimal impact on personal health and the environment. “I feel like I’m always learning too,” she said. “If there’s something specific a customer is looking for, I’m always willing to either start carrying it or do research.”

With Littleton continuing to grow and expand, Jessica is excited for what the future holds for the town and her shop. “There’s so much happening on the backside of main street now,” she said. “In a way [Pollyanna gateway] is a little European-feeling walkway. I’ve personally put some gardens here and we do garden boxes. There’s a way to make these alleys very exciting.”

Jessica is actively involved in her community and would like to work more with her fellow business owners. “There are so many women owned businesses and my friend and I were wondering if we should do a business after hours of our own just for the women business owners,” she said. “There are a lot. It’s really interesting.”

Interiors Green is located at 87 Main Street, Suite 2 in Littleton. Take a left at the bottom of the Pollyanna Gateway and you’ll find it! For more information, including hours, visit their website at