Mountain Money

mountainmoneyThere’s no shortage of debate about how to fix the economy, and for us, the primary solution starts at home. The Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce is attacking the economic crisis with a new initiative that will get the ball rolling where it matters most… right here in our own backyards. The core of this multi-faceted approach is a simple concept – buy locally- because money spent in the community stays in the community. Studies indicate that up to $68 of every $100 dollar spent locally remains in the community. It has also been found that local merchants generate substantially greater economic impact because: 1) local merchants spend a much larger portion of total revenue on local labor to run the enterprise and sell the merchandise; 2) local merchants keep their modest profits in the local economy; and,  3) local merchants provide strong support for local suppliers, creating further local economic impact. When businesses choose to do business with local vendors, and when consumers choose to shop in their downtown areas and at locally owned stores, the whole community benefits. It’s a bottom-up approach that starts economic recovery where it counts most –right here.

The Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to introduce the Mountain Money Gift Certificate Program. Purchasing Littleton Area Chamber Mountain Money ensures that money is spent locally at Littleton Area businesses. Participants will be printed on the back side, in alphabetical order, of each certificate and the most up-to-date listing of participating businesses will be on the website and members will be identified by a special icon in the Membership Directory. The Chamber will advertise the program on the Chamber website, community media, and in Chamber publications, as well as at the Visitor Welcome Center and Information Booth. Your business name is promoted on every certificate and a special icon is used in the Chamber Directory, next to the member’s name, clearly identifying them as a participating member.
Littleton Area Chamber Mountain Money will be simple to order and will make wonderful, flexible gifts for birthdays, holidays and tokens of appreciation. They are an excellent opportunity to support our local businesses, and keep money in our community. The recipient simply redeems their Mountain Money using entire amount (no change to be given) to purchase goods or services, choosing from one of these participating businesses:

– ACE Fitness
– Badass Outdoors
– Bella Funk
– Bishop’s Homemade
– Ice Cream
– Colonial Theatre
– Emma & Co Consignments
– Foto Factory
– Gallery at The Nest
– Lahout’s Country Clothing & Ski Shop
– League of NH Craftsmen Retail Gallery
– Littleton Food Co-op
– Littleton Office Supply
– Littleton Studio
– Nest of Littleton
– One Stitch, Two Stitch
– Sterling Works
– The Little Herb Shoppe
– The Rocks Estate
– WREN Local Works