Written By: Nick Meachen, Operations & Programs Intern

On Wednesday, July 10th, Governor Sununu and the Governors Executive Council had their monthly meeting at the Littleton Opera House. Prior to the meeting the Governor and Council enjoyed delicious breakfast cooked up by the staff of the Littleton Area Senior Center. As the meeting began at 10AM people from all around came to listen in. The Opera House was packed with well over one hundred citizens along with media from across the state.

Along with being the Chamber’s Operations & Programs Intern, I also work for Phlume MEDIA a production company that produces many of the programs you might watch on Granite North Television. I was in attendance to film the event and because I have an interest in politics and what’s going on in New Hampshire. My first take on the event was that it felt a lot like a Board of Selectmen’s meeting. Much of the meeting was formatted as such. One example was the need to have an Executive Councilor put forward a motion and to have another Councilor second that motion.  

Senator Lou D’Allesandro, Representative Erin Hennessey, several people representing companies across the state and other officials attended the Council meeting. One such official was Gordon Macdonald, The New Hampshire Attorney General and Governor Sununu’s nomination for the Chief Justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court. Throughout the meeting there was a plethora of business, some of it mundane and short lasting. One portion of the meeting which has garnered significant media attention since Wednesday was the rejection of the Governor’s supreme court nomination. This became a heated argument between the Governor and the Democratic Councilors. Governor Sununu’s nomination was defeated in a 3-2 vote against the Attorney General. One moment that shocked everyone including myself was when Councilor Pignatelli called the Governor’s actions a political move and childish regarding his nomination.

While the meeting lasted a little more than two hours some parts felt like they whizzed by, while other moments felt a little dull. We are a fortunate community though to get the opportunity to have the Governor and Executive Council visit our town.

View photos of the meeting at the Littleton Opera House.


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