Fairbanks Museum is May 2019 Featured Member

The Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to showcase the Fairbanks Museum as its Featured Member for May 2019.

Located in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, the Fairbanks Museum was founded in 1889 by industrialist Franklin Fairbanks. Inside the classic Victorian building, patrons will find a dazzling array of animals, artifacts, tools, fossils, and much more! The museum also holds Vermont’s only public planetarium. Seasonally, the native butterfly house and observation beehives are not to be missed.

“The museum’s function in this community is really to draw people in and to show them a little of the history, to help explain the natural world, to offer some programs, and to be welcoming,” said Anna Rubin, the museum’s Director of External Relations. “We get a lot of people who find us when they come up to ski. Maybe the weather isn’t great, so they visit us. One of the comments we get over and over again is that they had such a good time that they’re going to extend their stay.”

The Fairbanks Museum is truly a unique place. Tour distant lands through their cultural collections and the cosmos in the planetarium. Moose, bison, and bears inhabit the main gallery next to wonder-creating science exhibits.

The Soucy Family Exploration Station is the focal point of the museum’s public efforts to develop new and exciting ways of learning about science, technology and the natural world. With hands-on activities such as the Heat Camera, Colored Shadows, Electric Propulsion, and a building station the museum is more popular than ever. 

“I appreciate being a member of the Littleton Chamber even though we’re based in Vermont. When I think about our community, it’s beyond St. Johnsbury,” Anna said. “We love to be a resource for people who live here. So, in addition to welcoming tourists, we see lots of kids coming in with school groups and with family visits. That’s very satisfying for all of us here. It’s great to know that the local community supports us.”

The Fairbanks Museum is open daily from 9 AM to 5 PM at 1302 Main Street, in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. For more information, including hours, visit their website at https://www.fairbanksmuseum.org/.