Featured New Member: Place Above the Notch

Our featured new member, The Place Above the Notch, is a community-oriented café, coffee roastery, and co-working space located at 2061 Main Street, Bethlehem, New Hampshire. Founded by Angela and Steven Cleveland, this establishment aims to bring together the local community through a shared love for coffee and collaborative work environments. The café offers a variety of coffee and non-coffee beverages, including teas, kombucha, and sodas, all sourced locally to emphasize sustainability and support regional producers.

Inspired by Seattle’s renowned coffee culture, Angela Cleveland aims to create a space that captures the essence of community, creativity, and a love for coffee. “Seattle’s coffee culture has set a high standard, and I’ve carried those experiences with me throughout the years. My personal experiences have evolved into my vision for The Place Above the Notch,” Cleveland shared.

The Place Above the Notch will not only serve locally roasted coffee but also offer a cozy co-working environment. Cleveland’s background as a community planner and her passion for coffee shops as communal spaces drive the project’s mission to foster community engagement and sustainability.

As a registered Benefits Corporation, The Place Above the Notch prioritizes social and environmental responsibility, ensuring that every aspect of the business contributes positively to the community. Beyond being a café, it serves as a hub for creativity and connection, providing a cozy space for live events and a platform for local talent. With its focus on community engagement and sustainability, The Place Above the Notch promises to be a vibrant addition to downtown Bethlehem.

For more information, you can visit their website at The Place Above the Notch