The Chamber recently asked Joseph Depalma and his team to tell us a bit about the company, how it began and where it’s headed. Luckily, Joe grasped at the opportunity to tell his story. He provides us with that story, below.

Meadow Leasing, Inc. is a unique, small, family-owned Littleton business. Meadow Leasing’s goal is to provide superior storage and trucking services, and to be a business that: Customers recommend to their family friends, employees are proud to work at, and the community sees as an asset.

            Meadow Leasing strives to provide affordable and competitive pricing so that we can be a “go to” for all, while solving the storage and trucking needs of our customers.

            Here at Meadow Leasing, we lease and sell storage container units, storage trailers (up to 53’ in length), office trailers of all sizes, and loam/topsoil. We also have the trucks and equipment available for hire to facilitate heavy equipment moves and general trucking services for customers.

            Val Poulsen founded Meadow Leasing some 40 years ago! Back then Meadow Street was a much quieter section of Littleton. Val had a vision for the property and the business. Val built the business through hard work and a “never say no” approach to customer jobs and needs.

            I purchased Meadow Leasing in 2018 and have continued that same approach. There were several potential buyers in contact with Mr. Poulsen when he decided to step away. Mr. Poulsen chose to sell to me due, primarily, I believe due to my established connection to Littleton’s community and my previously established relationships with Meadow Leasing’s long-time employees- I was a long-time customer before I became the owner.

            Meadow Leasing is a good fit for me for many reasons. I raised my family here in Littleton, operated an excavating and trucking business here, and also served as the Director of Public Works in Littleton. My wife Jackie and I love Littleton and feel so very fortunate to be able work right here in Littleton-the community that we truly love. I say this with the utmost sincerity!

            One of the things I enjoy most about working at Meadow Leasing is the daily opportunity to be directly involved with the vibrant North Country economy. It might be the delivery of a storage container to the Bike Shop for an annual sale, Walmart needing space for Christmas lay-aways, a local brewery needing extra space, or the Appalachian Mountain Club seeking specialized trucking, we love being a piece of the North Country economic puzzle!

            Our plans for the future here a Meadow Leasing are simple. We hope to continue the growth of our storage operations, while at the same time offering new services to customers who are moving by offering a storage solution that is transportable. We hope to construct more office container units in the coming years to provide customers with ground-level office solutions. We would also like to expand our retail topsoil sales and delivery operations and possibly venture into similar retail sales, such as sand, stone, mulch, and compost.

            Mr. Poulsen built a solid business-complete with a foundation! I wish to continue along with a very similar approach.

            Since purchasing Meadow Leasing, the business has developed a younger side to it. Young, Joe DePalma, IV works here as he attends Plymouth State University for Business Administration and Toni DePalma assists on a part-time basis as well. In an industry often dominated by an increasingly older demographic, we love having “young-blood” at our company.

            In this day and age, environmental sustainability is a growing trend-and rightfully so. We heat our shop with recycled motor oil, recycle vast amounts of cardboard with the Town of Littleton, and have plans to upgrade our fleet to attain better fuel economy and lower emissions.

            We are so happy to be a part of the Littleton economic scene and are proud to be members of our increasingly busy and awesome chamber! We are so fortunate and honored to be mentioned by Nathan. Thanks to all our loyal customers for their continued support!

Joe DePalma, III — President/Owner, Meadow Leasing Inc.

Meadow Leasing can be reached at 603-444-7026 or at Their offices and facilities are located at 1091 Meadow Street in Littleton.